There is no second chance.

I had hoped to recapture the teenage youth – one that I had unwittingly lost to a myriad of family issues – by attending Aaron Kwok’s concert. Maybe I was hoping I could feel like a teenybopper again, to be fascinated by his sleek dance moves and what-have-yous. But all I felt… was old.

No, I didn’t feel like screaming. Not one bit. Let alone wave those glaring neon lightsticks to the beat. In fact, I barely clapped my hands throughout the 3-hour long performance. (No intermission leh!)

It was during one of the (boring) slow songs that I realised: There is no second chance.

You cannot “redo” your childhood or your youth. You only have ONE chance to live it the way you want to. ONLY ONE. Miss it, and you’re never getting it back.

Hubs had officially spent $88 (x 2 tickets + $3 Sistic fee per tix) for me to discover that there is no way I could fill in the missing gap of my teenage years. It’s over, and I will never be able to experience an Aaron Kwok concert the same fanatical teenaged way again.

So I declared to Hubs that I will live the remainder of my 20s’ as much as a 20-something year-old mother can.

While I do not – and probably will never – regret getting married and having children early, I don’t want to look back when I’m 40 and wishing I had spent more time doing what I enjoy.


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