I have no words to describe my son.

Joshua has learnt how to help himself to biscuits which is, by no means, a simple feat.

He has to:

  • climb up onto a chair to reach the Lock&Lock container (which is usually on top of the microwave),
  • open up the four-side lock,
  • get the biscuit/s,
  • then get off the chair safely without compromising the whole-ness of his biscuit/s.

Yesterday, he took his snack bowl from the dishrack, and loaded it up with animal biscuits from the Lock&Lock. After he was done with them, he picked his waterbottle off the dining table (yeah, he’s pretty darn tall) and had a drink.

Then without a word, he:

  • popped his dirty snack bowl into the kitchen sink,
  • came back to his usual snacking spot to pick up biscuit crumbs off the floor,
  • dusted them off into the bin,
  • moved his stepping stool to the kitchen sink,
  • turned on the tap,
  • washed his hands (but didn’t use soap),
  • washed his snack bowl (but didn’t use dishwashing liquid),
  • put the snack bowl back on the dishrack to dry,
  • washed his hands again (and still didn’t use soap),
  • turned off the tap,
  • came down and dried his hands on the hand towel,
  • moved his stepping stool back to its usual spot.

I was pretty much in shock watching what he did. All without a single prompt from me. As if he’s been doing it for years and it’s something that comes naturally to him.

Then today, I went into his room to wake him, only to find that his pee-soaked diaper was off his ass and on the floor, but he was still wearing his pants!

I have no idea how he removed his diapers from under his pants, but he managed to do it anyhow. A quick check with him confirmed that he was the culprit who removed the diaper. He said his bum was itchy wor… πŸ˜•

My baby boy… well, he ain’t that little anymore, is he? I’m absolutely thrilled to know that Keegan will be learning from a big brother as resourceful, responsible and conscientious as Joshua is. πŸ™‚

To heck that he isn’t speaking yet. I think he’s the bestest toddler ever, and I wouldn’t trade it in for the world!


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