Sometimes I am struck with guilt.

Yesterday was Joshua’s 2nd birthday, and Hubs took a day’s leave so we could celebrate as a family without the crazy weekend crowds.

We started the celebrations with an extravagant lunch at Marmalade Pantry that totalled up to $95.95. (Must buy 4D cos number damn nice!)


Joshua had a whole Elvis cupcake to himself, specially decorated with 2 candles and a plastic “Happy Birthday” sign. The waitstaff sang the birthday song together with us, while Josh looked on bewildered. I guess he hasn’t really grasped the concept of birthdays yet. 😆


He didn’t know how to blow out the candles, so Hubs and I did it for him instead.


[See all the photos from the birthday lunch here.]

After stuffing ourselves, we walked over to Delfi Orchard where Hubs satisfied my retail therapy craving with 2 new tops and 2 bras from Mothers En Vogue. A friend asked me how come I get presents too when it’s not my birthday. Well, without me, there would be no Joshua, right? :mrgreen:

We then headed off to Singapore Expo for the Motherhood Exhibition to check out the deals and steals.

Joshua got a PUPSIK beansprout pillow as a present – he picked the very colourful “Summerfruits” pillowcase – because he’d wanted it since he first saw it at Maternity Exchange a couple of months ago. You can probably guess how much he loves to sleep from his choice of present. 😆

We also got other stuff like a PUPSIK pouch, Milk Trays (all at very special prices!) and the usual boring babystuff like wet wipes and diaper cream.

Last stop was IKEA Tampines, where we had dinner and Joshua demanded for us to buy the TROFAST toy storage cupboard – which was our intention of going there anyway.

So there. Joshua’s 2nd birthday celebrated in a very plain and simple way. Some might even say it’s not really a celebration save for the candles and birthday song, but we’d rather save the cash and shebang for when he actually knows it’s his special day. 😆

And the reason why I’m struck with guilt? We spent more than $500 in total for the day. I kinda feel bad for buying anything at all. 😕


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