A blur father’s horror tale.

Hubs related a horrific tale to me today.

Apparently when he went to give Joshua his morning feed and diaper change, there was a piece of poop on the bedroom floor. Thinking that Joshua had once again removed his diaper himself, Hubs searched the room for the discarded diaper, only to find none.

Then it struck him.

He had forgotten to put on a diaper for Joshua when he had tucked the boy into bed!!

Lucky this boy very smart, went to poop on the floor instead of doing it on his bed. I suspect he either held his pants aside or took them off before he pooped, because Hubs said the pants were clean and stain-free.

My Hubs hor… I have no words to describe him also. How on earth he managed to forget to put on the boy’s diaper… It escapes me.


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