The point of explosion.

Suddenly – as soon as I hit 29 weeks of pregnancy yesterday – it feels as though my belly is going to burst.

I barely dare to eat, fearing that putting anything into my body will increase the level of discomfort. I’ve also replaced my usual intake of plain iced water to isotonic drinks, so that I can be hydrated with a less amount of fluid.

But this is no way to continue the pregnancy; with reduced food and water intake.

In a bid to relieve the crippling discomfort, Hubs and I started on an intensive Google search for ideas and remedies. Unfortunately, we found nothing except the suggestion that maternity support might improve the situation. So I whipped out the maternity support band I got some months ago and pulled it on… Lo and behold, I immediately felt better!

Although I must mention that I have no idea how this could possibly work. I’m already feeling tight and heavy in the middle, and putting on a tight-fitting support garment actually helps?! Like… how?! Tight + tight = comfortable? 😕

Ok, I shan’t question how or why it works – or if it’s because I prayed for my pregnancy more comfortable – and just accept it that IT WORKS. And if this proves useful over the next few days, I should be popping by to Mothercare and getting meself a BellyBra to wear until Keegan pops out.



2 thoughts on “The point of explosion.

  1. Take smaller meals. Hope that will help. Before you know it, Keegan will be here. Just a little while more. Hang on!!

    shell says: Yeah, I’ve been taking very small meals. But lacking that sense of post-meal satisfaction! 😆

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