Finding a safe spot.

I just realised that having a second child doesn’t mean you can replicate exactly what you did with your first kid.

When Joshua was a wee bub incapable of flipping himself over yet, we would lay him down on the couch or on a mattress we placed on the floor.

09-06-07_Josh sideways sleeping
OMG, he used to be so tiny!

But now with Keegan coming in August, it suddenly hit me that there was no way in bloody hell I could have him safe on the couch nor on the floor.

First of all, there’s the ever-curious sniffing kitty that we have to be wary of. And most importantly, the active big brother who might accidentally hit or step on his baby brother whilst dancing to his favourite cartoon tunes.

And if Keegan was to lay on the couch, I have no idea how Joshua would be able to climb on and perch himself on the couch at the same time without somehow pushing the baby over.

Somehow my preggy brain chances on these very crucial realisations at odd hours of the night only. (And I have to blog them down so I don’t forget them a few hours later.)

So… I’m starting to see a need for a place to keep Keegan safe away from these dangerous creatures around the house. And right now, I’m considering getting an infant to toddler rocker thingy like this one:

Or we could go old-skool (read: budget) and get those basic wire-framed and netted ones that our parents used with us. (These are so blardy old-skool I couldn’t even find a stupid photo of it via Google Image Search.)

Of course, if I could really splurge, I would definitely go for the BloomBaby rocker.

Sibei fucking sui arh! Needless to say, the monetary value is obviously on par with the aesthetic value. πŸ˜• The price ain’t stated at the webpage I’ve linked to, but don’t ask. The price is CRAZY.


3 thoughts on “Finding a safe spot.

  1. I got both the fisher-price & old school netted one. I prefer the fisher-price one cos it can last longer….downside is that the baby will get all sweaty while sitting on it for too long. My girl gets irritated by that.

    shell says: Oh. Then how?! Headache sia…

  2. my pt of view (though i dun have a kid): never a fan of BloomBaby rocker sort. ever accidently tucked my hand under and another person didn’t notice and rock it. my fingers were crushed! hurt like mad. ha. not advisable!

    the net one is well ventilated. old sch… but it functions well πŸ˜›

    shell says: The old skool one is also more filmsy leh. My younger bro actually toppled it over a few times when he was little and sitting in it. Cos he try to flip over while lying inside, and BANG! head hit the floor lor.

  3. I second Sheron about the rocker bc those type of rocker chairs that rocks on those curved bases tend to kaip toes/fingers/tails/excessive fat/paws and it hurts like bloody hell.

    I used those portable car seat bassinets for the girls to “sit” in. They didn’t quite like the netted one and I wasn’t too sure about how stable it was but I was sure that the portable car seat was stable enough and it wasn’t too hot either.

    Alternatively, get those small kiddy sofa/mats that fold out as a little mattress? At least the “side arms” protect the baby somewhat from being stepped on, and Josh can use it when its folded in as a sofa?

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