Genetically altered?

Sometimes I think it’s destined that I’m the last person to go to bed.

There have been countless times when – for some strange unknown reason – I just couldn’t get to bed. Then within a couple of hours, I smell heavy rain approaching and go close up all the windows.

And then there are the occasions when Joshua wakes up from a bad dream, and I just happen to be able to go comfort him because I couldn’t get to sleep.

It’s also similarly odd that the times when I fall asleep (and stay asleep) easily, nothing happens.

Tonight, Hubs went to bed by 3am, and I stayed up watching Eureka and surfing net while waiting for my hair to dry. I had sweated it out cleaning/packing the kitchen area and I stank big time, so the late night shower was somewhat compulsary.

Then at 3.45am – as if by that same mysterious force that does it magic – Joshua woke up from a bad dream. He wasn’t screaming, but I could tell from the two shrieks that he would benefit from some comforting. I walked in on him lying in bed and pouting by himself. Awwww.

I smelled his hair as I kissed his forehead, held his hand and stroked the soft skin on his wrist. The pout melted away, and sleepily, he asked me for some milk and for the nightlight to be switched on.

150ml and 2 minutes later, he turned onto his side to sleep and blew me a goodnight kiss.

I dunno if it’s some form of mommy’s sixth sense, or something else, but I kinda like being around for the boy at night. I know I would appreciate some comforting if I’d woken up from a bad dream.


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