Lazy online sellers.

I’ve had it up to here with them.

It’s alright if the basic information provided on the page/post is not enough, as long as questions are answered when I bring them up. But fuck lor, don’t be so fucking lazy when you’re trying to sell off something lah!

Here’s what I’ve encountered:

CASE 1 – Toddler bed

This local eBay seller didn’t state what brand/model the bed was, and didn’t provide any images either, so I asked him for photos and dimensions. He told me to “go to Kiddy Mall in IMM to view it” myself because he had already “dismantled the bed”. Problem is, there is no “Kiddy Mall” in Singapore, it’s either Kiddy Palace or Kids Mall. Imagine if I was stupid enough to run around IMM for a “Kiddy Mall”…

Seller is damn lazy to not have taken any photos before dismantling the bed, and can’t be arsed to provide more info. Instead, he just pointed me to the store he bought it from – with the WRONG store name some more – and expect me to go source for the info myself. If he’s not keen to provide details, why should I bother dealing with him?

CASE 2 – PS2 console

I’m trying to find a PS2 console for my brother, and chanced on this fella selling it on SingaporeMotherhood forum for $150. I asked if we could deal at $120, s/he declined and offered to throw in all the games (some original and some non-original) for $180.

I asked for A LIST of the games he had, and received an email with photos of THREE original games and the fucked up line of “and some other games like Fifa 08”. And pray tell, what ARE those other games?! So lazy to even provide me with a game list, and you expect to close the deal?!

The thing that pissed me off even more about this seller is how s/he mentioned – on 11th June – for me to “decide soon as there are a few interested buyers”. But I’ve already decided not to bother because s/he can’t even be bothered to give me a list of the games. Then today, 13th June, I got another email asking if I’m “interested to trade this weekend”. Sorry, but no.

I hate dua kang people lor. If there ARE other interested buyers, why bother to follow-up with me? And why would the sales thread have been bumped up over a few days?! It’s such a cheap tactic to make me come to a quick decision by telling me there are others interested. I absolutely despise it.

Then I noticed the email address s/he replied me with: – and immediately I got extra pissed off. Don’t ask me why. I’m just biased that way. 😆


On the other hand, while there are hopelessly lazy (and dua kang) sellers, there are also fantastic friendly ones who answer queries and are prompt in the transaction. We’ve dealt with two such sellers in the last week, and the good experience really makes for a big difference!

From henceforth, I make it a point to immediately ignore and boycott sellers who have a strong aura of Can’t-Be-Fucking-Bothered. C’mon lah, I provide more info than these sellers when we give out stuff for free on SGFreeCycle lor!


One thought on “Lazy online sellers.

  1. yes i have to agree with you!

    i dont know wth is with crazy online sellers nowadays. especially blogshops. they can’t be bothered to give exact measurements and go the extra mile to take extra pictures of the clothes that they are selling.

    if you can’t be bothered to sell, people can’t be bothered to buy as well!


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