The Itch.

Despite having spent some moolah at Mothers En Vogue earlier this month, the itch for some retail therapy is back. But because we just purchased a toddler bed for Joshua, a Fisherprice rocker for Keegan and a whole box of baby necessities like crib sheets and diaper sacks from BabyMallOnline, I think this month’s shopping budget (especially for me) is quite spent. 😦

Next month’s shopping budget has also been reserved for:

  • a 28 x 52″ BabySafe mattress for the toddler bed, because the one it came with isn’t exactly very good and we can’t shift over the current cot mattress to use cos it measures 28 x 48″
  • a mattress for the swinging crib that Keegan will sleep in for the first few months
  • an IKEA wall storage cabinet for the boys’ room (to keep diapers, changing mat, diaper cream, etc)
  • other little knick-knacks like burp cloths and nursing essentials

So since I probably cannot – and definitely should not – spend money on unnecessary stuff, I’m going to blog it down to try and get it out of my system. So here goes!

I’m liking these two Rootote Medium bags:

RT Medium Beaunet – NEST (AUD35.45 from

Rootote Medium - Nest

RT Medium R08M39 – STARS ($18.90 from

Rootote Medium - Star

Oddly, I can’t find STARS at, and neither can I find NEST at 😆 Which probably doesn’t matter anyway, since I won’t most probably won’t be buying either one.

I’d put up the Kate Spade Tamarind Cove Beach Shay in “Poppy” here, but since I’m not earning anything to justify spoiling myself with a USD200+ bag, I’ll have to screw it.

Hanamuguri Baby Carrier ($16 from Sweet Angels Wardrobe)

hanamuguri in use

I love “wearing” my kids, and this is one damn cool carrier! Might just get one if Hubs approves, even though we just got a PUPSIK pouch and we still have the Lucky Baby pouch that Huei bought for Joshua. After all, the carriers have to be washed every once in a while, and there will be two kiddos to “wear” very very soon. :mrgreen:

I want to include the Allerhand Buggy Bag ($38.90 from Robinsons Centrepoint) into the list, but I can’t be arsed to find images and do more uploading.

Ok, now I go to bed and hope the shopping itch will be gone by morning.


5 thoughts on “The Itch.

  1. how’s the hanamugari baby carrier?
    did u get around to buy/use it?

    am considering to get one for my 4mth DD.

    shell says: I did get it, but still much prefer to use my Pupsik pouch as I can nursing the baby in it.

  2. hanamuguri baby carrier

    Item still available?
    how much? wat colour?

    shell says: I got it off the SingaporeMotherhood forum Bulk Purchase section. You can give there a shot. 🙂

  3. hi shelley,

    what size Pupsik puch do you use if you don’t mind me asking? I’m thinking of purchasing one. Thanks!

    • Currently using an M size for the 20 mth old. Can manage to squeeze Josh into it though, if required. LOL. They can’t be cradled in it though, only upright sitting position.

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