The smell of fresh bread.

All of us went for a short walk this evening around the neighbourhood, and when we passed by the bakery, Joshua dragged Hubs into the shop.

We thought the boy had wanted to buy some bread, afterall, one of his favourite pastime is to eat. But the boy strolled one round through the bakery, then finally looked at me with a grin while pointing to his nose. Translated, for your benefit, he was saying: “Can you smell that nice smell?”

I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. But I had to asked him, “You mean you came into the bakery just to smell the bread?!”

Realising that he would probably get into trouble for dragging us into the bakery to smell bread, he picked out a small box of mini egg cakes and told Daddy to pay for it.

He ate two of them with his pre-bedtime glass of milk.


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