I am loved, and very blessed.

With the third trimester trademarks – tiredness, mood swings, inability to fall asleep – rearing their ugly heads, I’ve been sleeping odd hours and running the risk of pissing everyone off.

Despite that, the boys have been nothing but wonderfully sweet to me. Which of course increases my guilt factor several-fold.

Joshua would read and play quietly in my room while I take short power naps. He’s also very understanding when I get him from his naps later than usual, instead of how he used to get mad at me sometimes for waking late.

I believe I have Hubs to thank for this, because I have overhead the father telling the son several times that “mommy is very tired nowadays, so you have to be good and listen to her”.

Of course, some credit has to be given to Joshua as well, for being so compliant to what Daddy says and for bearing with me.

Hubs has also taken over the laundry duties again, and cites my increased clumsiness and forgetfulness as reasons to keep me away. I tend to accidentally bump Keegan against the washing machine while putting in and taking out the clothes. 😆

A little understanding from everyone certainly goes a long way, and I am very thankful for these acts of kindness and love. 🙂

To top off the blessedness with sugar icing, Joshua completely melted my heart today was when he insisted I share his mini egg cakes, because he noticed I haven’t eaten anything.

When I refused to eat it – because I don’t like mini egg cakes – he forcibly popped one into my mouth and started nagging at me in a chain of undecipherable baby words. Then after that he shoved his water-bottle at me and made me drink water.

Like I’ve said about a gazillion times, I seem to have given birth to my mother. 😆


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