I think I’m getting excited…

Because I have this strong urge to buy every baby item that comes in cow print!

For the uninitiated, Keegan will be born in the lunar year of the Ox (or Cow, depending on how you like to decipher it) therefore cow prints couldn’t be more fitting for the bub!

I seem to be interested in procuring more and more baby stuff for him. I think it’s like some sort of silent confirmation that he is well and truly on his way here to join the three of us!

Usually I’m wary of buying baby stuff too early because you never know what could happen, but now I think the prospect of him arriving here safe and sound is almost guaranteed. šŸ™‚

I’m also desperately seeking for matching clothes for both boys to wear together, like a “We Are Brothers” kinda thing. It would be mighty cute to see them in matching (but not exact duplicated) outfits! Something like “I am the little brother” and “I am the big brother” tees would be adorable, as well as practical. :mrgreen:

Maybe I’ll look around to get them printed somewhere… Anyone has any clue on where I can get good quality printing on clothing? I don’t want those iron-on crap that flakes off after a couple of washes.

And maybe while I’m at it, I’ll do up another set that says “Hi, My Name is Keegan” and “Hi, My Name is Joshua”. šŸ˜†


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