Shut up and buzz off!

So I opened a BabyMallOnline spree specially for this bunch of expectant moms who are due in September, and it’s more of a favour than anything else, because I had already ordered what we needed a couple of weeks ago.

Then comes this woman who is totally rocking my boat the wrong way.

First, there is the issue of her sending me random SMSes about where she is now, what she is doing, etc etc. None of which I am even vaguely interested to know of. She’s been doing this since she got my number, and it really irks the hell out of me.

On Joshua’s birthday, she constantly SMSed me – at least once every 10 minutes – about what was going on at the Motherhood Exhibition and asking what time I would get there, despite me telling her that “I am having lunch now”.

Then on Saturday, she kept bugging me over SMS as well about the spree, even when I told her “I am watching a movie now”.

And the thing about her is how she will send and send her SMSes even if you do not reply. Despite the feeling being very much like talking to an empty space, I guess she must still derive pleasure from it somehow.

Even Hubs is greatly irritated by my phone going off every few minutes from her. He told me not to reply in hope that she won’t send anything else, so I didn’t. But she still sent more SMSes. He says she is damn buey zi dong (inconsiderate) to SMS people past 11pm.

I am still suffering the repercussions of and feeling great stupidity over swapping numbers with her to facilitate the previous mommies gathering we had.

Now with the spree closed and ordered, she is trying to tell me what to do regarding the spree in terms of splitting shipping costs. She managed to irk me so much that I told her over MSN: “Ok lor, then you go order it yourself ok?”

For fuck’s sake, if you want to join MY spree, don’t come and teach me what to do. If you think you can do it better than me, then go ahead and do it yourself. If you don’t trust me, then don’t spree with me. IT’S THAT SIMPLE.

None of the other mommies are questioning about how I intend to split the shipping costs later, whereas she is telling me to split the costs according to price – which is like a super unfair way of doing it!

I am literally boiling over my limits with this woman. 😑


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