Joshua is my buddy.

We decided to do something different today, and went out for lunch.

We ate our Carl’s Jr fish & chips leisurely for a whole 45 minutes. And he danced in the highchair to the music playing in the background. We shared a Medium drink of Zappel. Then topped it up some more because we both love Zappel.

We slowly strolling the almost-empty mall, making small talk. Ok, I talked and he babbled, with cute kiddy handsigns thrown in for good measure.

Then I went to check out the Cotton On Body sale (again) and he picked out these cute frilly panties from the rack and told me to buy them. Hell, no. Too cute lah! So he put them back with a loud giggle.

I tried to buy a cap for him from FOX Kids, but he said it was ugly, so we put it back.

Nowadays, he only wants “cool” stuff and not “cute” stuff. He scorns the term “cute” unless used on newborn babies and small animals.

*sigh* They grow up so fast. And now he’s like, my best buddy. It’s more enjoyable than I ever thought parenthood could be possible!


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