When the receiver is stingy.

Hubs has graciously offered to buy me a bag from Burberry Blue Label, with a pretty generous budget in mind. But… there’s this funny thing about me that’s preventing me from just plainly saying “YES YES YES!”

While I may sometimes lament about how I can’t afford luxurious branded bags – and I still can’t because I have practically zero income – I shudder at the pricetag when any opportunity presents itself.

Like how my feet suddenly grew more feet of its own when we went into the Agnes B store at Plaza Singapura a couple of days ago. My legs moved with a speed I’ve never known before – out of and away from the store. Hefty unjustified pricetags seem to have that effect on me these days. 😆

It’s a blatant lie if I say I don’t want a Burberry Blue Label bag. But my iBook is fast dying, and I’d much prefer to have a new iMac compared to a bag. After all, I spend most of my time at home, idling any spare time away online, whatever will I do if my lappy dies on me?!?!

So… can the bag and gimme the com! There’ll be plenty more chances to buy pretty bags, but if I ever go com-less for just a day, I think I’ll go nutty!


One thought on “When the receiver is stingy.

  1. i have the same problem.. i think it’s a culture thing.. we’re not designed to accept exp gifts graciously.. haha..

    shell says: But he’s my hubs!! I think I’m somewhat supposed to leech off him? 😆

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