7 more weeks!

The last round of IKEA shopping is finally done. And Keegan’s baby essentials finally arrived from USA. (Thanks Sab!)

It’s finally starting to feel like things are getting done and we’re getting closer to finishing up the baby preparations. Which is a great GREAT relief given the stress I’ve been feeling.

I have no idea what I’m stressed about, except that it feels like there’s a ton of things to be done, and we were nowhere near getting them done.

It’s probably more in my mind than anything else. But it has been getting on my already cranky pregnant nerves and making me somewhat susceptible to short sobbing sessions and sudden mood swings.

There’s 7 more weeks to go until Keegan’s EDD of 22 August, and here’s a friendly cautionary note: Beware of hormonally charged preggo!

Meanwhile, you guys better start readying your angbaos hor. :mrgreen:


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