If only we were any less sane…

We would have so definitely snapped this up when we saw it at AMK Hub’s Mums & Babes:

Combi Smile Labo mat

At $79, this Combi Smile Labo mat is not exactly practical, yet it’s not entirely useless either. But what the hell, it’s soooo super duper cute! I wish it would go on a half-price sale or something so I can justify giving in to temptation and then pose Keegan in it for some super cute photos!

I got so excited by the item that I was shrieking in the shop for Hubs to “Buy it! Buy it! So cute! I want!” But I guess this man just isn’t one who succumbs easily to impulse purchases. Throughout the rest of our time in AMK, he just kept grumbling about how he shouldn’t have shown me the mat, because I just won’t stop about how cute it is and how much I want to buy it.

So, my dear Hubs, next time you see something nice and have no intention to buy it, don’t show it to me lah! Make me feel all uncomfy only… 😦


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