Downside of staying home.

Someone has probably just moved into the building, and renovation works are being carried out right now as I type.

The constant drilling seems to be coming from right above our unit – I can’t tell for sure – but 15 minutes after it started, I was already going nuts. It’s so loud that I have my cover my ears just to be able to hear Hubs over the phone. I have BLAST my TV volume, and yet I can still barely hear fuck-all.

I am so not keen to be screaming at Joshua all day, just so that he can hear what the hell I’m saying.

I’m not keen to get out of the house, because Joshua started having a runny nose on Saturday and he’s still not fully recovered. Being sick makes him whiney and hard to please, and the last thing I want is to deal with it in public.

There’s nothing I hate more than someone moving in and doing renovations. Other neighbours probably don’t even get affected at all because they’ll be out at work or school when the noise is going on.



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