18 minutes: Bedtime routine

We never really timed how long it takes daily to get Joshua into bed, but today I found out that it takes only 18 minutes to achieve the following:

  • shower Joshua (includes an extra minute of waterplay after he is cleaned)
  • towel dry and pick out the clothes for the night (must match match one)
  • pack up the toys/books strewn all over the living room
  • pack up the toys strewn all over his room
  • make and drink a 180ml bottle of milk
  • put on diaper
  • lights off and say good night to the cars parked in the carpark downstairs
  • close his bedroom door

Granted, today was a little faster because he had already packed up most of the toys in his room when he woke up from his nap.

He’s really conscientious that way, because it irritates the hell out of him when he accidentally steps on one of them. Obviously it hurts his soft soles, so he has since learnt his lesson and now keeps as he plays instead of trashing everything out like he used to.

I really love how he sorts out his toys into wooden blocks and plastic blocks. One container for each type, and he’ll sit on the floor and put each piece into the respective box. After which he will put the cover on, snap the lids shut, and push all the boxes under the cot.

One of these days I really must record the toy-packing process to show you guys. It’s super duper adorable. 🙂


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