My phone spoil. Again. :(

It wasn’t too long ago that my Motorola V9 started cranking up and then announcing its “terminal illness”. I heartlessly selected the Motorola ZN5 to replace it – which Hubs promptly bought for me as an anniversary gift – and now the ZN5 is also down with terminal illness.

I am needing a new phone again. 😦

Hubs is kinda jumpy that I may need to make an emergency call while I’m out, and the phone would crank up on me and then I would be left stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Although the possibility of me being ready to birth but being unable to reach anyone is pretty much absurd – if anything this country is overpopulated and there will always be someone no matter where – I can’t deny that the thought does send miniature jitters down my back.

So now I’m searching for a phone that is:

  • affordable (duh)
  • WiFi-enabled, tabbed browsing is definitely a bonus
  • slide-out QWERTY keyboard, for ease of typing
  • expandable memory via mini-SD
  • decent camera quality, because I don’t always carry the D40 out
  • in some pretty color instead of the boring blacks all over the place

It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s actually a pretty tall order. I’ve been doing my techno-research for the past 2 weeks and haven’t found naught. Some QWERTY keyboards have such bloody tiny keys I have no idea how people actually type with them, thus I decided mine would have to be a slide-out QWERTY because these seem to have larger keys to suit my fat fingers.



5 thoughts on “My phone spoil. Again. :(

  1. Nokia lah. Better than the shitass Motorolas you tend to love.
    Your this one only few months old leh!

    shell says: Eh, at least my V3i lasted more than 2 years. And V9 lasted more than 1 year. And this ZN5 was only S$398 lorrr. Not say $800 then fuck up in a few months. But I have to admit that Motorola quality has dropped much since RAZR V3 days…

  2. There are phones that meet all your expectations except the Cheap part. Heh

    shell says: Eh, that is not true! Almost 90% of them come in boring corporate black! So even if the price was not an issue, the color is!! (Sorry lah. I know I very mafan.)

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