Cos it was “cheap & good”.

It may please some people (Barffie, I’m talking about you) to know that I am now the owner of a Nokia E63. In red.


The reason for purchasing a Nokia even though I’ve not been keen in the brand since 2004? Simply because – to quote Hubs – it’s “cheap and good”. It’s wifi-enabled, qwerty keypad, 3.5mm audio jack, and most of what I need in a phone. Best of all, Mustafa was selling it for $395.

I was gonna go for an LG KS360 – retailing at $205 – because it was pink, cute and has qwerty keypad. It’s not wifi-enabled though, which means I would have to surf using my mobile data plan. But Hubs said to just get the E63 because it was time to “test” the newer Nokia models. He believes that they are less crappy than the models that were released between 2004 to 2007 and had common shortcomings of lagging, hanging and crashing.

The only downside of E63 would probably be the 2mpx camera, which I don’t really give a flying fuck about anyway considering how our D40 reacts much faster and produces quality photos. I hate how most compact cameras have this lag time when you press the shutter release, making me miss Joshua’s split-second expressions.

So… Let’s see how this Nokia performs, shall we?


One thought on “Cos it was “cheap & good”.

  1. Hey Shelly! My boyf’s gonna get the E63 later today as well. Some Weekly Deal from M1 – $98 lols! Same reason as you – cheap and good (supposedly). ;D

    shell says: So far not too bad leh. I was watching youtube on it last nite. :p

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