Prenatal Checkup: 34 weeks

Pregnancy Weight

81.3kg. Increment of 600 grams since 3 weeks ago. It should be quite obvious that my appetite hasn’t seen much of an increase. I’ll be glad if it doesn’t decrease with my stomach being squashed and all!

Baby’s Weight

Keegan’s size is still 2 weeks ahead in terms of weight and head circumference – 2.6kg and 32.3cm respectively. Which pretty much means I’m not the one who gain that 600 grams.

Baby’s Foetal Position

Keegan has been very cooperative and has complied to my requests for him to turn head down. With him in a proper position for birth, the chance of natural delivery increases greatly. We are now ready for D-day to arrive!

The doc managed to get a pretty good scan of Keegan’s facial features. See if you can spot his big nose and pouty lips:

Keegan's face!


4 thoughts on “Prenatal Checkup: 34 weeks

  1. some help in locating the head please! (obviously a comment from a non-mommy lol)

    shell says: If you suddenly became a mommy, I would be very shocked! 😆

    Head is on the right side, and pretty much monopolises the entire scan.

  2. I stared at this pic a few times since yesterday. I still only see shadows.. LOL

    shell says: Ok ok. Since all the non-mommies are lost, later I use photoshop to highlight the facial features for the clueless, ok?!

    But now I very busy arh.

  3. I can see!!! He looks so much like Joshua already haha.

    This is something like a Rorscharch similanz image wakakaka

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