And you expect me to put him where?!

It surprises me greatly when neighbours and shopowners in the area ask me: “Is Joshua going to school/childcare/nanny? How are you going to take care of two when the small one is born?!”

Erm… and why not?!

Many mothers have coped with more than 2 kids for bloody centuries, with some popping babies every fookin year. I don’t see them having any issues.

God gave me two hands and they can do more than just typing at super fast speeds. God also blessed me with a well-behaved and independent firstborn, who will undoubtedly be more help than trouble when his little brother comes along. I already have intentions of asking him to dump smelly diapers for me, as well as doing the family’s laundry.

Ok, I’m obviously joking about the laundry part. (Have a sense of humor, can’t you?)

Either these people look me no up, or there’s some strange new system on how children should be taken care of in these modern days. Nevertheless, what’s the big deal?! It’s just two kids. No one ever died from over-mothering lor. Let alone when I have a very hands-on Hubs who is on standby (as long as he’s not at work).

Wait til these people find out we’re not getting any confinement help… Do you think they’ll flip?


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