Cheating the boy to sleep in his toddler bed.

While Joshua has agreed to give up the cot to his baby brother, he somehow seems a bit unwilling to make a full switch over to the toddler bed. He keeps claiming that when Keegan is here, he’ll make the switch over, but each night he’s still sleeping in the cot and only lies down on the toddler bed to play, change diaper and drink milk.

It’s already been more than a month since we got the toddler bed, and it’s about time he makes that switch to recognise that the cot is no longer his. I no longer have the luxury of time for him to slowly make the change. I also don’t wish to kick him off the cot when Keegan arrives, because it might make him feel like the baby is claiming territory over his things.

So yesterday, I did something evil.

I changed the sheets for both the toddler bed and cot, and then told him I was going to “wash” the cot mattress. Being the slightly OCD-ish clean boy that he is, he readily agreed for me to take the cot mattress out of the room.

I warned him that it meant he would have to nap on the toddler bed instead, to which he was still agreeable for me to remove the cot mattress to “wash”.

So I lugged the latex mattress all the way to my room and plopped it onto our bed. Obviously I wasn’t going to wash it, but I had every intention to tell him I’m airing it should he catch me doing the deed.

He managed to nap in the toddler bed for a good three hours, with no fuss at all.

Come night-time, I still didn’t put the cot mattress back, so he slept in the toddler bed again with no fuss.

I think I may just hide the cot mattress in my room until J is fully accepting of his toddler bed, and then we’ll put back the rails for the cot, shift up the height of the mattress, and it’ll be all good to go for newborn Keegan!

Despite having pulled such a dirty trick on Joshua, I’m still pretty amazed at his adaptability. He could have cried and refused to sleep elsewhere, but he didn’t, and that makes me one proud mama. 🙂


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