Underwear Woes

While I’ve not crossed the 9kg mark for my total pregnancy weight gain, all my undies are oddly getting too tight for comfort. This includes the TEN new ones I recently got from the Cotton On Body sale. Just two weeks ago, my ass has lived happily in three pieces in pure comfort. And now none of them fit anymore!!

I am highly upset – not to mention very pissed off – because I can’t fit into anything I own! Not the old ones, not the new ones, and definitely not the thongs anymore.

The maternity panties I got from Mothercare was such low quality that the seams starting fall apart after one round of wear-and-wash. I can’t fit comfortably into the supposedly 28-42″ disposable panties from Kiddy Palace that were such a sanity saver during my previous pregnancy. And I actually bought 2 packs at one go, thinking I would fit into them as per the last time!

Keegan’s current head-down position is somewhat creating a blood flow issue to my nether regions, causing the whole area (front and back) to swell up. Which partly explains why I can’t fit into anything comfortably, but it’s not a good enough reason to make me simply accept the fact that I now have to go around commando-style.

I’d much rather totally not be able to fit into my undies at all, instead of being able to pull them up just fine, only to feel the seams straining on my oh-so-sensitive pregnant skin about 30 minutes later. Because of this, the laundry basket has overflowed with undies that have ALL been worn for less than an hour.

I am now at a complete loss on how to cover my ass (literally) in comfort and style. In fact, I am so distraught that I just spent the last 10 minutes bawling my eyes out.

I don’t know of a single store that allows anyone to try undies before buying, which means every single undie purchase I make from now on will be a gamble.

This is SERIOUSLY irritating the hell out of me.


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