J nods off again!

Joshua had woken up slightly later on Sunday morning and we went out to lunch and then church. Having been deprived of his daily afternoon nap by spending an active 2+ hours at children’s church, he started nodding off when we were waiting for dinner to be served at Xin Wang HK Cafe!

I think it’s damn funny to see how much effort he put in to just pry his eyes open when I called out his name. It almost looked like he was going in and out of a trance.

My favourite part is at the end of the video, when he gives a flying kiss to say goodnight. He does that each time before he goes to bed at home, and I didn’t expect him to muster up enough energy to still do it despite being so tired!

If you watch his infamous nodding off video while lunching fish & chips again, it’s such a freaky coincidence that he’s wearing the same red polo tee!! Hubs says it’s Joshua’s “nodding off tee”. 😆


2 thoughts on “J nods off again!

  1. Omg he’s so cute!! It almost seems cruel to call his name and say good night when he’s so comfy with his pillow already hahaha..

    shell says: I’m already being termed as “meanie” by some of the ppl who watched the vid. I dunch care! If I don’t record it down, next time he grow up no chance liao!! I’m willing to be deemed a meanie just for memorabilia’s sake. *LOL*

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