35 weeks 5 days – The Bun is still in the Oven.

At around 4+am today, I started having cramps. It got worse over time, and so I (grossly) announced to my MSN chat buddy that I was going to take a poop thinking it was a pre-poop stomachache.

The poop attempt failed. The cramps remained. So I went to take a warm shower hoping to ease it off. It didn’t work.

I woke Hubs up and we started timing the intense peaking of my cramps. They came at approximately 5 minute intervals, and lasted around 45 seconds each. Panic!!

But by 6am I was so tired, I just went to bed and concussed. It was way too early to go see the doctor anyway.

Hubs took the initiative to wake up at 9+ and called the OBGYN’s office to make an appointment for an emergency checkup. He also took my place in meeting up with a mommy to hand over her items from a bulk purchase order. (Thanks Hubs!)

11.30am, we got to the doctor’s and I went through the routine pee test, blood pressure check and weight measurement. I am now 84kg. Pffft. Hubs blames it on the 1-coconut-a-day that I’ve been having, but I swear I didn’t know drinking baby coconuts was fattening. It’s just coconut juice, ain’t it?!

Doc took a specimen from my cervix for a compulsary Group B Streptococcus screening, and then proceeded to “feel me up” for my first VE (vaginal examination) in this pregnancy.

Doc told me I was already ONE cm dilated! And my cervix is “very soft”. Both are excellent conditions to have since we’re aiming for a natural delivery. If all proceeds as expected, then Keegan should be born within the next 2 weeks!

The bub is weighing in at 3.1kg now, with a head circumference of 33.8cm. Doc hopes he will make his debut between 37-38 weeks gestational age, so that he won’t have a chance to grow too huge inside the womb, and then cause difficulty during labour.

Fingers crossed, everyone. Keegan’s almost here!! Get ready your angbaos!! :mrgreen:


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