Blogging now comes in bite-size bits!

Before I get any more complains about my slack in blogging and plurking, let me first clarify that you can stay updated with me through Twitter. If you can’t be arsed to sign up for an account, just come round to the blog and check out the Twitter widget on the sidebar.

My dear uncle Henrie checks the Twitter widget to make sure I haven’t popped, judging from the time of my last tweet. 😆 You can learn from him too!

And why haven’t I been blogging properly?

  • No inspiration – Attempts to video J for your amusement failed terribly.
  • No time – Nesting instinct kick in until I made my feet/ankles swell!
  • No brains – Like, DUH, as if you didn’t know that already.

So, how many of you are still around huh? Or sian of waiting for K to arrive liao? :mrgreen:


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