Why we didn’t pop over the weekend.

Hubs fell ill on Thursday, and mostly recovered by Saturday. Then it was Joshua’s turn to come down with runny nose and high fever on Saturday night. He even hit an all-time high of 39.1°C on Sunday night.

After puking out his meds, we were forced to probe his anus with a suppository to bring down the fever. A quick visit to the GP this morning revealed that it’s just a “routine illness” and not H1N1 related. Phew.

Everyone should be jolly and well by Wednesday, thereafter we shall continue to wait for K’s arrival! At least this baby didn’t pick to come at some inopportune time while Daddy and Korkor are both sick. That would have sucked big time.

In any case, I’m good to wait another week or two! Especially now that I have my gynae’s prescription of antacids to get rid of the stupid acid reflux problem. BabyK is so big that he’s squashing my stomach and causing my digestive juices to rise upwards to my throat and burn my esophagus.

FYI, K weighed an estimated 3.2kg on my last checkup on 30th July (Thursday). Big baby!


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