The entire week was endured with sleepless nights, fussy days, alot of physical inconvenience and a long waiting game. Right now, on top of waiting for K to arrive – which only God knows when – we are also waiting for J’s sickness to recover completely.

For the first time in J’s life, the damn viruses are taking a hell of a long time to scram out of his system. He’s been sick since Sunday night, and he’s still not fully well yet. Which means fuss fits, broken sleep, late nights, force-feeding of medications, you name it, we’ve gone through it in the week.

Seriously, I’m burnt.

So burnt that I fell asleep while trying to wake Hubs up. Leading to me finding a whole bunch of missed calls from the friend whom I was supposed to meet for shopping and dimsum. I bet she must hate me right now. 😦 I am a bad bad friend.

Is it even remotely possible to be a good mother, good wife, good friend? All while being extremely pregnant?? I hope not to find out, cos I want to pop NOW NOW NOW!


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