Are you still waiting?

Cos I still am! (As if I have a choice not to wait…)

Joshua has been trying to tempt Keegan with fresh milk – by sticking the straw into my overextended bellybutton – and Hubs now answers my calls with “Are you in labour?”, you can pretty much conclude that we are all pretty tired of waiting.

And the sad fact is, we’re not even past the EDD yet. Sheesh. Apparently that 1 cm dilation that was discovered in my 34th week didn’t quicken things up, huh?

On the bright side, Joshua finally seems to have settled back to his old self today – something that we’re all thankful for. No more fussy whiney sick J. He’s all smiles (and a ton of cheeky antics) again.

Now I’m just wondering… all the freshly laundered baby clothes made ready for Keegan won’t exactly be “fresh” by the time he’s born. And I’m sure as hell not going to wash them again!


One thought on “Are you still waiting?

  1. Wow!! This is so exciting!! I remember constantly coming in to check in on you when you were just about to deliver Joshua!! And now Keegan!!!

    Go Keegan Go!! Come out already!!! *waving pom poms*

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