Because you probably miss Joshua.

I still don’t know how he sleeps in funny positions like these, but he does.

Sleep standing!

Must be an inherited gene from the father or something.


On another note, Joshua has started to talk! He can now say “nai nai” (milk), “Ah Ma” (grandma), “Gong gong” (grandpa), “不要” (don’t want), “yah” instead of “yes”, “no”, “cannot”, “prrrrease”, and a whole horde of other words!

And just an hour ago, the boy had a breakthrough of a proper 2-syllable word: tattoo. There’s no denying it now, he’s definitely our spawn. 😆

But now he’s pointing at the moles on my arms and legs, calling them “tattoo”. I told him that’s a “mole”, to which he repeats as “mo mo”, then reverts to referring to them as “tattoo” again. 😕

This is probably going to take some time, but it’s mighty fun while we’re at it!


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