Hello Keegan!

For those who have been following my tweets religiously for updates on Keegan’s birth, you’d obviously know by now that I’ve popped! Well, I didn’t really “pop”, since I ended up being spliced open via C-section to retrieve the big baby who refused to descend down the birth canal…

Keegan joined our little family at 0028hrs on 17th August 2009, weighing a whopping 3.725kg and measuring 51cm “tall”.


I don’t know why he looks like an angmoh baby, but he’s really pretty!

Now say Hi!!


13 thoughts on “Hello Keegan!

    • Huh?! Simi ring on your finger?! *blur*

      We’re currently declining guests because we’ve been running on crazy schedule! Hubs and I only sleep 1-3 hr blocks each time, because 1 boy cries and the other starts as well. Sheesh…

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