Newly crowned as “Big Bro”…

and Joshua is already stepping up to his new role very well.


Just this morning, Keegan was fussing over nothing and making a hell lot of noise. Unlike Hubs – who seems to have all the patience in the world (for this week) – I scolded the 4 day old bub and told him to be quiet.

Immediately Joshua korkor defended his lil bro by telling me not to scold him. I defended myself by saying: “But he’s so noisy!” but Joshua said the crying is bearable. I guess he was a baby not too long ago and can probably commiserate with babies better than I can.

(Hey, I’ve slept less than 10 hrs since discharging from hospital, what do you expect from me?! Zen-likeness?! Ptui.)

On the bright side, the baby did stop his fussing immediately after being scolded. I guess we can already tell the character differences between the two boys by now. Joshua prefers to be dealt with gently and lovingly, whereas Keegan needs some lashing at in order to behave.

And when feeding time for Keegan rolled round at 9am, Joshua came to tell me that he hasn’t had his morning feed yet. But because the baby was already attached to my boob, I couldn’t go make a bottle for Joshua, so I could only tell him to wait until Keegan was done.

This boy hor… aiyo, I’m lost for words.


He just nodded in compliance, climbed onto the couch to join me, and stroked his baby brother’s head while waiting. I was thinking he might get  a bit pissy cos he has to wait while the baby gets milk first, but no, nothing of that sort. He was very understanding that the baby gets dibs, and that the older brother has to give priority to the younger one.

This boy… He’s just one fantastic little boy. And I couldn’t be more proud of him. 🙂


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