I did myself one up!

While it was considered to be “brave” for me to nurse 3-week-old Joshua publicly – without any decency provided by nursing covers or the like – at Cafe Cartel two years ago, I just did myself one up by nursing 4-day-old Keegan whilst browsing the racks at Maternity Exchange (MX) yesterday.

And I’m glad to announce that the other customers barely batted an eyelid. Or maybe they’re just trying really hard not to look. 😆

Due to my (unfortunate recurring) C-section experience, Hubs had brought me to the shop to purchase the “Classic Incision Care” C-panty for my poor suffering wound area. Imagine being cut up twice in the same spot… Eeks!

Sadly, this C-panty design only comes in white or beige – which are sucky colour options if you ask me – so I had to pick beige (grandma colour!) that would at least match my sexay leopard print Bravado nursing bra. The nice shop assistant at MX allowed me to try for size over the panties I was wearing, and by golly, these C-panty things are fantabulous! It held in the piece of flabbiness that flops over the top of my incision area, and doesn’t cut into the healing flesh. LOVE!

Hubs was super sweet to buy 2 pieces for me to alternate, and told me to screw the combo pack of 1 white 1 beige going for $109.90 if I would rather prefer 2 pieces of beige at $59.90 each. To be honest, I’d much prefer black, but they don’t make it in black! God knows why…

And because we qualify for the current promotion, we also bought Sophie the Giraffe for Keegan’s upcoming teething days. Josh’s eyeing the lil squeaky thing too, but he’s already done with all his teething (I think) so there’s no point for him to have one.

Keegan peed on himself while Hubs was changing his diaper at MX’s couch, and I had blurly forgotten to pack an extra romper for the bub! So thus we were given a perfect excuse to buy a cute romper for the boy so he could have something dry to wear.

Here’s Keegan modeling his newest romper:



Cute not?? :mrgreen:


3 thoughts on “I did myself one up!

  1. For now, he looks like Nash. But like we both know, looks will change over time.

    He looks so cute!

    Will there be a party for him?

    shell says: Will be doing the full month party for him lor. Still settling the details now. Will keep you informed. 🙂

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