My body ain’t mine no more…

It’s really weird to alternate from being in awe of the little creature that I had nurtured in my womb, to the utter disgust I feel when looking at my postpartum body, then the physical discomfort from all the changes going on at the same time. Lactating boobs, C-section recovery, swollen feet/ankles, cramps from shrinking uterus… Urgh.

Seeing the fresh flabbiness in the middle, the old C-sec incision ripped open and sewn back again, the painfully shiny tits due to being overstretched… Everything’s just getting a bit too much to bear!

There was a good nine months to grow and get used to being big, but suddenly I feel like a deflated balloon – flabby and never the same again.

It’s gonna take a good few weeks before my body heals over and settles into its new job of being a cow. Meanwhile, I’ll just be moping that little bit over the unplanned C-section and its side effects on me – psychologically and physically.

This sucks monkey balls.

Thank goodness Keegan is a little angel since we fixed up his topsy-turvy bodyclock. As for Joshua, he’s always been a wonderful little boy.

Now I just hope my body (and mind) can start working optimally before Hubs’ paternity leave ends. I only have one week left. One week!


2 thoughts on “My body ain’t mine no more…

  1. Hey Shelly,

    I know my well-wishes came a little late, but congrats on the new lil’ baby. And the marks will go away (I heard). Just enjoy being loved and fussed by everyone around you.


    shell says: Thanks! 🙂
    Yeah, the marks go away in due time. But meanwhile it’s just ugly! *covers eyes*

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