It’s impossible to regret.

Doing the whole pregnancy and new mom thing again for the second time does seem to make things somewhat easier. It’s probably because we already know what to expect and how to handle the various emotional and physical changes that come along. Yet I also believe it’s due to the little luxuries provided by Hubs – professional prenatal massages, comfortable maternity wear, driving me around, etc – that eased the transition of growing larger and more cumbersome.

And now in my most fragile postpartum state – where I am once again vulnerable to hormone-driven emotional upheavals and coping with the new addition – Hubs has once again donned his Shining Armor by making sure I’m as comfortable as I can be. He’s pretty much been relegated to being a domestic slave since I’ve popped, with not a single word of complain.

He serves me food in front of the telly, so I don’t have to get up from the couch. He brings me drinks, snacks, and pretty much anything I ask him for.

He lets me sleep anytime I wish, while he takes over the boys. Only waking me up to nurse Keegan because I have been refusing to pump out the milk. (I’ve been having oversupply, so I’m totally not keen to pump and store only to end up stimulating higher milk production.)

He also took the liberty of buying me a Belly Bandit from eBay and rushing off to AMK the next day to pick up the item from the seller. Just so that I can feel safer with my incision area being protected, and without all the flabby bits jiggling around – and feeling mighty sore – each time I cough. (Yes, the darned cough is still lingering.)

This man seems to be on a mission to make my recovery period as comfortable as possible, with no regard to how much it would cost him to buy me the various knick-knacks that would help me achieve that. Imported nursing bras, specialty underwear at $60 a piece (even my gynae was appalled), abdominal binders… If I wanted it for a good reason, he would get it for me. (Disgustingly, every expensive postpartum item I’ve got seems to be made in U.S.A, thus the heftier pricetags.)

To be honest, I’ve not felt this spoilt for donkey years.

While there’s little he can actually do to make my recovery easier, he certainly goes all out to provide whatever he can.

And despite feeling disappointed and sore at the fact that I’ve had to undergo (yet another) C-section to extract Keegan from my womb, it’s virtually impossible to regret my decision of having another kid. Especially when Hubs has been this ridiculously good to me, and Keegan is a much easier baby to care for compared to Joshua’s newborn days.

I am blessed. 🙂


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