Thanks for the love. :)

We’re all still adjusting to having a new baby in the house, and everyone’s still feeling a tad unfamiliar with the tiny person’s presence.

While the new addition isn’t bringing too much trouble, I think it’s just somewhat surreal that where there used to be 2 adults living here, now it’s grown to 2 big 2 small. There’s a lot of little adjustments to be made in our lives, from daily schedules to getting acquainted with where the baby’s stuff is kept, to the growing list of things we need to get during our grocery runs.

We appreciate the well-wishes and the excitement around visiting us to meet the little one, and we’re truly thankful that the people around us have been so understanding towards our requests of not taking visitors. Thanks for the love. 🙂

Meanwhile, do holler if you’re keen to attend Keegan’s full month party! Tentatively set on the evening of 12th September (Saturday) at Uncle Henrie’s place. More details to be released later once Hubs and I have had to time to sit down and iron them out. 🙂


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