Almost 2 weeks postpartum.

The swollen legs have mostly gone away, leaving only the top of my feet still feeling slightly bruised from all that fluid retention. The boob engorgement is also easing up, while the frequency of leakiness is also reduced. The incision area is barely feeling sore, and I’m much more agile than last week. All in all, I’m healing up pretty well. 🙂


My body – almost 2 weeks after Keegan was born – still looking kinda beaten up with fresh pink stretchmarks and postpartum flabbiness. Still some way to go before I can don a bikini, I guess. But hey, at least my bellybutton’s back! :mrgreen:

Total weight gain for entire duration of pregnancy: 16kg
Weight on day of delivery: 88kg (again!)
Current weight: 77kg
5kg to go until pre-Keegan weight of 72kg.
9kg to go until pre-Joshua weight of 68kg.
12kg to go until pre-marriage weight of 65kg.

KNS. Like damnnn long way to go lor. 😕 (Half-thinking I won’t be reaching the 60+ kg mark EVER.)

I’m gonna get Hubs to photograph my belly’s progress every 2 weeks (if we remember and have the time for it) and hoping that each time there’ll be some improvement on the flabbiness. 🙂 Wish me luck (and tons of chiobu dust)!


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