Limbu tio fraud case!

So we all know I was in the hospital – having a baby – from the afternoon of 16th August to the evening of 18th August. And therefore it would make no sense at all for me to buy plane tickets of any sort to go anywhere until Keegan is at least around 6 months old.

Unfortunately, the bank doesn’t know that.

Luckily (?) I have a habit of logging in to my bank account to check my bank account balance, and then shun bian check my credit card transactions. Then KNN, I saw this piece of shit EUR205.21 charged to MY SUPPLEMENTARY CARD for NO GODDAMN REASON.

Credit Card Fraud!

I have never bought anything in Euro dollars and I certainly didn’t do so last week! I immediately called up the bank and refuted the transaction. I was told that maybe I had bought plane tickets but had forgotten about it?? PLEASE LOR, YOU THINK I HAVE AMNESIA SI BOH?! Limbu never buy simi lanjiao plane tickets okay?!

So basically what will happen now is that my current supplementary card has been cancelled, with my replacement card arriving in my mailbox in 4-5 business days. The fraudulent charge of S$432.66 will be credited back while the bank takes about 6 weeks to investigate my “claim of fraud”. KNS. Confirm is fraud lah! In fact, I’ve only used my card for online purchases TWICE. So either I’m fucking suay, or I’m really fucking suay. 😕

I was thinking… The fucker who used my card to buy his/her plane tickets must submit personal documents in order to board the plane, right? So by right, if the bank contacts the airline, they can track the fucker via the details submitted along with the purchase of the plane tickets, then confirm can catch the fucker and prosecute him for fraud, right?? RIGHT?!?!


People, please be vigilant and check your credit card statements! Don’t tio suay and then stupidly pay for someone else’s purchases and not even realise it. 😦


One thought on “Limbu tio fraud case!

  1. I just had the very same thing happen to me. Easy Jet.. A UK airport. Someone bought a plane ticket with my debit card and is now in Europe somewhere having a great time. After that purchased a couple cups of coffee.. Nice.. I don’t think I’ve ever been so pissed. Fortunately, my bank was suspicious of the transactions and emailed me right away. But here the turn… I call the bank, she issues me a number and says when it posts to my account call back with the number and a credit will be issued within 24 hours. I see it posted tonight – I called the bank and they have no record of the transaction. Then I’m told it will be another 24 hrs to issue a temporary credit to the account until the fraud specialist can determine whether it is fraud or not. 90 freakin days.. in the mean time I’m on the hunt down for the jerk that screwed me. I’ll find him/her..


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