My first day as a SAHM of 2.

Woke up at 9.30am when Joshua came into the room, and Keegan was nicely waking up for a feed. We had morning snacks, bath-time for Keegan, cartoon time, read 2 books to Joshua – one book was repeated twice – and took a walk around the neighbourhood. First half of the day had then passed without a hitch.

I had planned to take a nap when both boys were napping, but am too used to idling time away online that I skipped my nap.

(I suspect I may be addicted to the Internet to a certain degree. Or at the very least, I am certainly very reliant on it for information, networking and shopping.)

Had “lunch” at 4pm. 2 instant rosti patties (thanks to Uncle Henrie for buying it for us) and 2 fried eggs. Then proceeded to clean the floor because it was positively filthy with cat fur and crumbs of various snacks. Boys woke up before I was done with the floor, so parked Keegan on the rocker and commanded Joshua to remain on the couch while I finished up. Keegan fell asleep (again) cos that’s what newborns do best.

Shifted Keegan to the cot in the boys’ room, bathed Joshua, did the dirty lunch dishes. And then it was 6pm.

Time certainly flies when your hands are full. 🙂

I only have one complain about today though. My incision area is feeling more sore today than it did in the last few days. I probably slightly overworked the area. Oh, and I had the mother of all headaches from morning til late afternoon. Even two Panadol Extra didn’t help much. 😦


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