Mommy’s Little Helper

Each afternoon, Keegan likes to spend his time awake in the living room, eyeing everything and sneaking peeks at the TV.

Just now, he was fussing because his pacifier dropped out of his mouth. Before I could react, I saw Joshua running towards the baby, and giving him a loud smacking kiss on the cheek. Then he picked up the pacifier and put it into Keegan’s mouth while mimicking “choot choot” sounds to prompt Keegan to suck it. It’s exactly what we do with Keegan, and Joshua has certainly picked it up really quickly.

Once Keegan had calmed down with the pacifier, Joshua started showing off the newly acquired scar on his right kneecap. He rattled on in his own toddler language, while Keegan looked on quietly in amusement.

It was all superbly cute and uber sweet. 🙂


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