Why this sucks monkey’s balls.

My back hurts like a mudderfucker, but yet I can’t get a massage!


Because it’s fasting month, many of the Malay massage ladies are working shorter hours as they have to prepare to break fast every evening. Which means I cannot request for them to come over in the evenings while Hubs is home to watch over the boys. Asking my MIL to babysit is also not feasible as Joshua isn’t the one who would fuss and require to be cradled/rocked/changed. What I need is for someone to babysit Keegan, and that is by far harder to find!

My desperate attempt to call up various postnatal massage therapists have also been unfruitful as I am now considered as a “last minute booking” and it’s usually hard to entertain last minute bookings. Most expecting moms book their massage therapists months in advance! Which I also did sibei kiasu-ly booked Mdm Khatijah waaay in advance in December, but WTF ended up getting a C-section (again). So therefore I could only start getting massage 2 weeks after the op, which then it clashed with Ramadan, and therefore I am in this shit now.

There’s the option of getting the massage done in the mornings before Hubs heads to work, but if they were to bind/wrap me after the massage, I would be rendered incapacitated for at least 6 hours, and therefore unable to take care of the 2 boys properly. Bending over to change a diaper would be nearly impossible!

Then while there’s also the option of waiting til Ramadan ends to get someone to massage me, there is no guarantee that Hubs will be able to come home on time to take over the boys. Not to mention the fact that my back is already breaking right now as I type.

Oh God, how did I end up in this situation?! FML.


2 thoughts on “Why this sucks monkey’s balls.

  1. Maybe you need a chiropractor. My husband was having back problem and he seen one in KL for twice, after that he felt much better and he is totally free of backache now.

    shell says: I was thinking on the lines of something less drastic (and less expensive) – sufficient sleep and a good back massage to ease the months of carrying around a watermelon in my tummy. 😆

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