The shiokness of tightness.

Just had my first Malay massage session this evening, and boy oh boy, shiok is an understatement.

Ok, there’s a tinge of masochism involved in the shiokness, considering how I was going “ouch ouch ouch” half the time. According to all massage therapists, pain means there’s a problem in that area. And when it came to massaging my thighs, it really hurt like %^*(&*%# because apparently I have lots of fatty deposits there. 😕

My shoulders, neck, wrists and temples also hurt a fair bit too. Mostly due to strain – as per what every single masseuse tells me.

After the massage, my midsection got wrapped up nice and tight – not unlike a bak zhang – and it was strangely comfortable to be bound up tightly and feeling toasty in the wrap. The binding also keeps my back straight no matter what I do, which prevents me from bending it the wrong way even more. My backache is almost gone now!

I’m hoping after 6 more sessions of massage and wraps, my tummy will disown it’s current nua nua state and be visibly firmer and flatter! And backache be gone! Ultimate chio-ness, here I come!! :mrgreen:


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