A proud moment for us parents.

For the first time since Keegan came home with us, both the boys are sleeping at the same time during the night!

This is a monumental night for us as parents. We heaved a sigh of great relief and finally breathed easier for the first time in over 3 weeks.

While the timing of the boys have finally coincided – with Keegan actually sleeping at night instead of the “US timing” body clock that he had been on for the past weeks – their sleeping arrangements have kinda gone topsy-turvy.

Joshua is currently sleeping in our room on his own mattress that we placed on the floor, due to a sudden emergence of unknown – and unfounded – night-time fears. Since last week, he would wake 2-3 times each night screaming, crying and patting his own chest while saying “怕怕”. In a bid to comfort him, we’ve allowed him to bunk in with us on three occasions – Saturday, Monday and Wednesday night. He enjoys the aircon very much but his nose gets blocked by morning, so he tends to shift back to his own room the following night. Thus the alternate bunk-in nights.

He’s also been having a runny nose that has eventually turned into a bit of a phelgmy cough. The discomfort wakes him up at night as well, leading to many late night awakenings that’s been messing up with his formerly fantastic sleep routine.

As for Keegan, he’s sleeping in Joshua’s old cot in the boys’ room so that his high-pitched wailing wouldn’t wake Korkor up. The little one has an aversion towards air-conditioned rooms, and much prefers the stuffy heat despite already being tightly swaddled up. (Newborns are so weird.)

While both of them have no issues about sharing a room – with Joshua being ultra tolerant with the occasionally screaming baby – we still prefer to keep Keegan in our room to facilitate night feeds. Meanwhile, the boys nap together twice a day in the same room.


So far it’s been a wild ride dealing with a toddler and a newborn. Hubs and I have been rotating shifts from midnight onwards and have been catching ZZZ’s for only 2-3 hours each time. I try to catch as much sleep as I can in the day when the 2 boys nap, so I don’t inhibit the healing process of my recent surgery. There’s still much for us to learn about Keegan – his preferences, habits and personality – and much for him to learn about us as well. For example, my infamous lack of patience towards unreasonable fussiness. :mrgreen:

But we’re all still having fun despite being sleep-deprived and twice as busy. 🙂


One thought on “A proud moment for us parents.

  1. Have not visited for a while.

    Congrats on the new arrival. Pray that their sleeping arrangement will work out fine as you need the rest. Enjoy the boys!!

    Take care !

    shell says: Thanks!! 🙂
    So far so good. The boys have now graduated to bunking in together for naps and nighttime sleep. *fingers crossed*

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