Joshua’s speech development

While I have every reason to believe that Joshua’s vocabulary is appropriate for his age, the fact that he can’t pronounce many of these words properly leaves Hubs and I rolling on floor in laughter. Here’s some examples:

open = oh-deng
thank you = kew
Joshua = jah-jah
diaper = ah-per
yes = ass

While we don’t laugh outright at him, we certainly snigger a hell lot behind his back. But in a loving way, of course. Most children take time to learn how to pronounce words properly, and Joshua’s no exception. What we can do is to only repeat the words clearly while making him notice the way our mouths move, in hope that he’ll mimic exactly and catch on.

He also tends to confuse “hands” and “hair“. We’re enunciating the 2 words quite clearly, so I believe it’s just him.

There’s this one other thing we just don’t get: how he can say “tattoo” very very clearly. It’s his current favourite word to be repeated a million times a day while pointing to our tattoos.

It’s actually kinda freaky.


2 thoughts on “Joshua’s speech development

  1. Well, some kids tend to pronounce complicated words better than easy words. I don’t know why.

    shell says: But why “tattoo”?? I’d rather he can say “diaper” properly…

  2. It’s a sign!!!!!

    shell says: I already told him I’ll sponsor his first tattoo when he turns 21. (Cannot be 18, cos must go NS mah.)
    I hope his first tatt is small and cheap. Otherwise I sure pok-gai. 😆

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