Technologically suakoo.

I was clearing out the storeroom (again) just the other day, and re-found a box of my mom’s things.

Inside it was her collection of (probably worthless) BearBricks, all pristine in their tiny plastic bags and taped to their respective little cardboard boxes. There was also a collection of Coca-Cola die-cast vehicles – trucks, vans, etc – and a Coca-Cola pager that she had used before mobile phones became common.


I decided that I was either going to dump everything away, or donate it to the “Entertain Joshua Foundation”. So I just left the entire box on the floor near his toy shelf, knowing that he would discover it and rummage through everything eventually.

As expected, he had a field day going through everything and making us open each and every one of the BearBricks for him to *ahem* dismember. We now have little plastic BearBrick arms lying all over the house.

About that pager… this boy has never seen one in his life before, so he interpreted the gadget to be used like this:

DSC_1022“Hello?! Tiang ka pager?!?”

I have thus decided to hold onto the cassette tapes and other “technologically obiang” stuff so that I may educate the boys about them when they get older. Mai suakoo suakoo ah ni kuan, like damn gong-toot leh.


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