Enjoying Motherhood (x 2)

Nowadays, I clock about 6 hours of (interrupted) sleep nightly. And if I’m lucky, I get to nap about an hour in the afternoon. But the strange thing is, I’ve never felt more fulfilled than this! My days are packed to the brim, so much so that when I upload photos and/or blog, I end up doing so much more just to clear the backlog.

Time certainly is flying, and Keegan is already into the fifth week of his life! And while it pleases me greatly to see both the boys growing up day by day, I can’t say I feel the same joy knowing that I am growing older each day as well…

The best part about right now is Joshua’s toddler stage. He’s picking up new words really quickly now – at least one word everyday – and repeats them to death until he picks up other words. Some of the new words he learnt last week include: hot, cold, lights, crab, fish (now pronounced accurately!), read, moon, press, touch, shirt and pants.

And he’s finally saying “milk”! Although it refers specifically to chilled fresh milk, while he continues to refer to formula milk (served in a milk bottle no less) as “奶奶“.

He’s also shown his bilingual abilities by telling me something was “美美” when I asked him if it was nice.

However, there’s also a fair share of WTF moments with Joshua.

Like yesterday when we were at IKEA, I dropped something and went “OH CRAP!”. The boy looked at me, pinched his fingers together, and said “CRAB!!”

Then just now, I spilled two drops of green tea while pouring out a glass, and he immediately pointed out my mess and went “Uh oh… SEE?!?!” as he shot me an accusing look.

And he was only satisfied after I used a piece of tissue to wipe up the two offending drops of liquid.


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