I had to make an emergency appointment with my gynae to get checked today because I was suddenly bleeding heavily again. Wasn’t sure if it was the postpartum discharge starting a new wave or a new thing altogether, so best to get the doc to take a look.

She pressed pressed around my abdomen and proudly declared that my uterus has shrunk back 100% and is now FERTILE AGAIN because the bleeding is apparently my menstrual blood.

KANASAI. People do total breastfeeding, I also do total breastfeeding, but why their menstrual cycles don’t return until months later, while mine always so eager to return?!

It came back when Joshua was 4 months old, and now even better, Keegan is only 5 weeks old!!

Now I have to get an IUD because I can’t go on The Pill while breastfeeding. And I have to start buying (and using) “feminine products” again. Cannot even let me save on a few months’ worth of tampons meh?!?!


P.S. I weighed in at 74.0kg before my checkup. 2kg til pre-Keegan weight! (But tons more toning up to go.) *prods belly flab*


One thought on “Period.

  1. IUD have side effect… MAJOR WEIGHT GAIN !!!

    shell says: My gynae promise me no weight gain side effects for this one leh. Mirena.

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