Rawker Bai Baybee!!!!

Keegan has been fussy for the past 2 days for unknown reasons. Nothing seems to pacify him, except for holding him for exxxxxtended periods of time. No prizes for guessing why I’m “talking” all weird now. (If you’re really that dense, it’s called “sleep deprivation”.)

Despite the boy sleeping pretty well once it hits past midnight, I still have a gazillion things to do around the house and for my recently arrived spree items. WTFFFF. I’ve been clocking only 2-3hrs of sleep nightly. Wait a minute, it ain’t even considered “nightly” cos I only hit the pillow at dawn!! Only to wake up shortly afterwards around 8 to 9am.

I have no idea what kind of energy/drug I’m functioning on. But if it is possible for the human body to somehow manufacture and secrete a substance similar to Speed, then I’m probably doing it now.

Anywhoooo, following the interrupted video of RockerJosh, the lil’ one is now being lulled to sleep by the soothing sounds of metal rock. Alternative lullabies indeed. Currently the loud banging music seems to be the only thing that calms him – oh the irony – enough to keep him quiet and happily sitting on his own. And certainly calming enough to make him fall asleep.

And he wakes up the moment I stop the music.

I think all that Guitar Hero-ing I did during my pregnancy is now showing its side effects on Keegan.

“Let’s rawkkkkk! RAWR!!”

Actually he was just yawning. 😆


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